Fascia. The low end we've been missing.

Simply put, we're sorry it taking us so long to introduce a bass model. . . We've had tons of requests, just simply have had the time to sit down and design one. We've been so busy filling orders, and just haven't had the time. Well the time is now! We are proud to introduce the Fascia to the Scero family lineup - 



Uccello. New offset star!

We couldn't be more happy to introduce the Uccello to our line up of guitars. This started out as special request from a customer, and a total from scratch build. New drawings, new templates, new scale lengths, just a whole bunch of stuff we've love to do. 

This very first one was really cool, it has a light spanish cedar body, honduran Mahog neck, 25" Scale, and some amazing Dirty Cats pups from David Allen - 


we we can't wait to build more of these -  



Aged '57 Gold Uccello 

Headstock.Lasers.Inlays. YES!

We are SO excited about our new headstock logos! Our logo will now be laser engraved, with 3 different options for design:

1. Classic rustic look from the laser engraving

2. Multiple color choices of real clay inlay, to match your finish or the color you see in your head ;) 

3. Many different Inlace options. Inlace is a material that mimics the looks anad characteristics of real inlay. Mother of Pear, Pau Ferro, marble, etc etc etc 


All of these options will be a standard item on EVERY Scero model, with NO upcharge !